Organic Fertilizers

Check the Label!

pile of manure, natural fertilizers

A pile of crap. You can't get much more organic then that. Be careful using other forms of so called organic fertilizers. Even that might not be completely organic it depends on what the animal was eating and how much non-organic fertilizer or chemicals from acid rain were in the food supply.

Make sure you understand what organic means before you proceed and you will find that some products that claim to be organic are only organic supplements and although they may meet the qualifications for the term "organic" but in fact are not.

There are many nutrients and fertilizers on the market and all do an ample job of getting your plants and flowers started and finished. Remember to check the ingredients before you buy to ensure it is all organic. Some advertise they are organic but when you look at the label you find out differently. Be careful and enjoy the world of organic green farming.

Organic Nutrients and Fertilizers

Iguana Juice

If you want an all-organic one part formula designed by the worlds leading Horticultural expert, try Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice Grow Organic Fertilizer, 1L or you can use Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice Grow & Bloom Bundle Package (4 Liter Bundle). Both have been field tested and proven to give exceptional growth during vegetative and bloom cycles. Iguana Juice contains a fish base from the super clean ice cold waters of the far North Pacific Ocean, plus over 70 minerals, krill extract, yucca extract, earthworm castings, seabird guano, and bat guano, and alfalfa. Iguana Juice Grow (3-1-3) is superior because its exclusive blend of organic compounds encourages strong, dense branching, a large healthy root system, fast growth, and short internode length that prepares the plant for a spectacular flowering cycle. Iguana Juice Bloom (4-3-6) is a powerful blend of organics that produces more fruiting sites, short internode lengths, enhances flowering response and bud formation, and creates beautiful fresh aromatic bouquet that only organics can produce. Find out about organic nutrients by Following This Link

Mother Earth

Advanced Nutrients Mother Earth Super Tea Organic OIM 1 Liter, provides your plants with many of the natural supplements, nutrients, and vitamins that are not available when using todays man made chemical fertilizers. Mother Earth Super Tea bridges that gap to provide all the missing elements as well as beneficial bacteria your plants need for strong sustained plant production. Use Mother Earth Super Tea outdoors to revitalize depleted soils in flower and vegetable gardens. Super Tea is manufactured so that its appropriate for crops grown indoors using rockwool, lavarock, sphagnum moss, aeroponics, drip emitters and other methods. Mother Earth Super Tea Bloom enhances fragrance, taste and oil production of flowers and fruits. Mother Earth Super Tea is a complete organic fertilizer by itself and can be used through all phases of a plants flower production cycle. Its the best of what Mother Nature has to offer.

Alaska Fish Fertilizer and Mor-Bloom

Made from 100% sea going fish and contains no chemical additives. Alaska Fish Fertilizers (5-1-1) natural composition contains trace elements, iron, zinc and vitamins including naturally occurring B-1 and B-12. Alaska Mor-Bloom (0-10-10 non-organic) contains phosphorus and potassium with added fish fertilizer to act as a natural buffer

Canna BioFlores

Advanced Nutrition Bio Flores - Canna - 1L - 100% Organic Soil Nutrient - Quick - fertilizers are guaranteed 100% organic and have been especially developed for cultivation on soil. Products grown with BIOCANNA fertilizers may be called biological or ecological, provided they are grown biologically and in accordance with the international OMRI guidelines

These are just a few of the nutrients and fertilizers we know to be organic. Contact us to get a complete list or to help you with your organic gardening design and installation. You may also visit our organic nutrient and fertilzer store by Following This Link