Green Energy

The Possibilities Are Endless

green energy

The Choices Are Expanding

When the salt domes in Louisiana were filled with our oil reserves it was calculated to last 200 years. That figure is now closer to 20 years. Demand for energy is continually on the rise and the choices we have made to meet those needs are destroying the environment.

It is time we took the decision about what we are going to use to provide energy out of the oil and utility companies hands.

The viability of green energy has been proven and the technology is their to provide %80 plus of our current electrical energy needs.

Wind and Solar power can produce %40 percent and hydro-electric up to %35 of our electrical energy needs. Currently, together they produce about %9 of our energy needs. As our energy demands rise we hope that these forms of energy will keep pace or rise.

The following is just a short list of the available green and alternative energy choices available today and the list is growing.

HydroNaturals and it's affiliates support and condone the use of all these resources for energy with the exception of bio-fuels.

Our reasons behind not supporting this are straightforward. We feel that using food to power our cars and trucks when there are people going hungry is wrong. When we have fed our people then we can explore the opportunities presented by bio-fuel technology. Let us know if you agree or disagree with this philosophy by casting your vote and leaving your comments. There are some bio-fuel technologies that use what is called energy crops that do not take away land or food resources. This is an acceptable practice and should be pursued.

Wind Power

Generators with a greater capacity, more efficient turbine blades and better storage systems are making wind power a popular choice in rural ares of the country. A new age of wind has arrived and you can only get it from us in North America. Learn More >>>.

Solar Power

The new photo voltaic cells that have been developed are more efficient but costly. When the popularity of this technology increases so will the supply and the costs will drop. Learn More >>>

Wind Power and water power have been in use for hundreds of years and the new technology of the last decade has made the use of these resources a viable source of energy.